About Us


To offer support in the physical, psychological, social and spiritual development of children, adolescents and young people, considering the concept of the Kingdom. To expand and disseminate the practice of gratitude, cultivate responsibility and altruism, and strengthen interpersonal relationships.


We believe that the new generations are the Agents of Grace that will lead us to build a more equitable and effective society. Therefore, we welcome young people, adolescents and children, we care for and love each one according to their personality, we cultivate and develop with them altruism, faith and love through the creation of projects that encourage growth and development. In this way, we stimulate human beings to discover their identity and to act with autonomy, with the community in which they are inserted and with their neighbour.

Core values

Firm and real relationships;
Gratitude to God and one's neighbour;
Altruism as a tool for social justice;
Responsibility with the vision and mission.